Yes, I am an abductee.

Where do I start? At age 3 when I would be taken to heaven by, what I thought were 2 priests? They wanted me to play with the babies in heaven.  I guess that is when it started.

I begged to sleep with Grandma in her bed nightly, as I was terrified to sleep in my crib located in what was known as the “junk room.” The priests came into my room from the closet.

One night, my mother broke her word as I pleaded for one more night in Grandma’s bed. I woke, and was so scared being alone in the crib in the junk room, not being able to scream. Maybe I was solaced by the aliens that night as I don’t believe my mom came to my rescue if she couldn’t hear me. It wasn’t very comfortable sleeping with Grandma either, I was pinned in a woolen blanket from 6PM to 6AM as I was very hyperactive in my sleep.

I never played with my dolls as I wanted real children to care for as I did on the ship. I believed children came into this world down a conveyor belt to hospitals where they were given to parents.


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